Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sheva Natural Nude Mod Ver2


Sheva Natural Nude

Author - Gantw (Gandalf) and simplesim
Date - 04 Nov 2009

Disclaimer -

By downloading or installing my mods, you agree to all the terms of use stated. 

Terms of Use -

All files are the property of the game developers.
I, the author shall not be responsible for your actions using my mods. All my mods are created and edited for my own personal use, they are strictly not for sale. You shall not redistribute my mods to other file hosting sites or upload it to your web page and claim as your work. I shall not be responsible for your playing online whether you are connected on not connected through steam, and your use of my mods for online campaign play and multiplayer sessions shall be at your own risk and responsibilities.
You shall not without my approval, use the .mod files edited by me, for your own works and modding. You shall not claim that you edited the .mod files and claim as your works. Your understanding for my terms of use and respect for my works is appreciated.

What's in this mod?
Sheva's NUDE, that's pretty much 'bout it.



  1. That Gandalf is pretty good at ripping holes in bikini tops.;p

  2. I like this so much... If only she could be played in RE 6 with her nude perfect...

    1. Yep, I wish it could be done. I tested the model inject, it was bugged, the game didnt crash, except that you are stuck with a free turning camera without a model showing.

  3. Resident Evil 5 was much easier to mod as compared to RE6 and Revelations.

  4. Hahaha, this mod is very fun, please let me to download this >.<